Commodity market is very sensitive market in which all of the counters are totally depends upon the global market, the analyst of Paramount Research Services have a keen eye on everything and provides absolute guidance to the investors how to trade in the Commodity market along with proper strategy and provides proper support to the customer. Our research team provides Commodity Tips in Base Metals (Zinc, Aluminum, Lead, Copper and Nickel) Precious Metals (Gold, Silver) and Energy (Crude oil, Natural Gas).IRA HNI Commodity Pack is designed for those customers who trade in Bullion + Energy along with Base metals accordingly.
The customers may also receive buying/selling information through SMS & Chat room.


  • Provide best 2-3 tips on an Intraday basis.
  • Provides 2 Target and one SL.
  • Follow Ups & All Important News & Information.
  • Nifty Review, Resistance & Support.
  • World Market, Singapore Nifty & Other Updates.
  • Commodities Resistance & support.

Demo Call

Sample Calls

  • MCX CALL BUY GOLD NEAR 32500 TGT 32580/32640 TGT 32420


1.The investments made in the Stock Markets, Commodity Markets and/or in any of financial instruments are subject to market risks.2. Please follow strict stop loss and target levels given by SMS. 3.We do not sell any Fix or assured return plans. 4.Please make the payment in company's Bank account only. more information please use this Link. Disclaimer )