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1. What is your Age Group?

Under 30

2. What is your martial status?


3. How many dependents do you financially support?

Between 1-3

4. Occupation (please select the appropriate

Private Job
Government Job

5. Gross Annual Income details:-

1-5 lac
5-10 lac
10-25 lac
>25 lac

6.1. Sources of Income: Primary Source


6.2. Sources of Income: Secondary Source


7. Proposed Investment Amount

<1 lacs
1-2 lacs
2-5 lacs
> 5 lacs

8. Investment objective?

To grow Aggressively
To grow significantly
To grow moderately
To grow with caution
To avoid losing money

9. How long do you want to stay invested into market investment?

0-6 Months
7-12 Months
13-24 Months
>24 Months

10. How secure is your current and future income from sources?

Not Secure
Somewhat Secure
Fairly Secure
Very Secure

11. How familiar are you with your investment matters?

Not Familiar at all with Investment and feel uncomfortable with Complexity.
Some What Familiar. I don't fully understand Investments
Very Familiar. I use Research to make investment decision. I understand various factors which influence Investment performance.
Fairly Familiar. I understand the various factors which influence Investment Performance

12. What degree of risk have you taken with your past investment decisions?


13. Assume you had an initial investment portfolio worth Rs 100,000. If, due to market conditions, your portfolio fell to Rs 80,000 within a short period, say a month, would you: (If your portfolio has experienced a drop like this, choose the answer that corresponds to your actual behaviour.)

Sell all of the investments. You do not intend to take risks.
Sell a portion of your portfolio to cut your losses and reinvest into more secure investment sectors.
Hold the investment and sell nothing, expecting performance to improve.
Invest more funds to lower your average investment price.

14. What percentage of total net worth you are investing in this Investment Program?

Less than 25%
26% - 50%
51% - 75%
76% - 100%

15. Which of these statements would best describe your attitudes towards performance of this investment?

I don't mind if I lose money
I can tolerate a some loss
I'd have a hard time tolerating any losses
I need to see at least some return

16. What is the condition of your emergency fund?

I do not have
I do not have, but I can manage
I am Maintaining

17. What percentage of monthly income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]?

Between 20% - 35%
Between 35% - 45%

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